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Kryolipolyse Gerät

cryolipolysis, cavitation, anti-aging



No surgery, no anesthesia and no side effects with cryolipolysis Switzerland you can reduce the stubborn fat pads inexpensively.


Fat cells react to targeted and controlled cooling (4 degrees) extremely quickly with cell death (apoptosis). The applicator / handpiece is attached to the predefined and marked area, which withdraws the energy from the fatty tissue through controlled cooling and thus initiates controlled cell death. The surrounding tissue such as muscles, nerves and skin are not affected by this process. The skin is constantly monitored with sensitive sensors in the handpiece in order to guarantee stable and safe use. In a 50-minute treatment, the fat cells in the treated area can be reduced by up to 30%.


For whom is cryolipolysis useful?


A cryolipolysis treatment is particularly worthwhile if:

  • You are predominantly slim or of normal weight, but have problem areas with disproportionately large fat deposits.

  • You do not achieve the desired body shape despite physical activity and appropriate nutrition.

  • You are thinking about liposuction but would prefer not to have the surgical procedure.


The most commonly treated body areas are:

  • belly

  • Thigh

  • buttocks

  • Hips

Get rid of fat with ice cream - advantages at a glance:

  • effective and painless fat reduction

  • no harmful side effects

  • Technology comes from medicine

  • scientifically recognized

  • manageable costs

  • low number of treatments

  • suitable for women & men

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Fat away without suction or surgery - a new method promises this with the use of ultrasound and the so-called cavitation effect.

Targeted and effective weight loss  Ultrasound irradiation – that’s what the promises  Fat reduction by cavitation. Cavitation itself is a physical process in which liquids form into “vapour bubbles” under pressure fluctuations and then condense again. These pressure fluctuations can also be generated by ultrasound, the ultrasonic cavitation.

This procedure is also used in plastic and aesthetic medicine to dissolve fat. The treatment originally comes from the USA and was used to cleanse the skin. It was later recognized that cellulite can also be effectively treated and fat removed with ultrasonic cavitation.

With the help of ultrasound, the fat cells are gently “blown up” and then simply broken down by the body.


Regions treatable with ultrasound:

  • outer thighs (saddlebags)

  • inner thighs

  • Abdomen including lateral abdominal region (flanks)

  • waist

  • hips

  • upper arms

  • Knee

  • buttocks



Look younger and fresher...

What could be nicer than getting older unscathed, looking back on your life with satisfaction and enjoying today. And that with or without wrinkles.


Numerous creams and other methods are already available to combat wrinkles. Botox injections are becoming increasingly popular.


There are different methods to tighten sagging skin. In addition to the classic invasive method such as surgical skin tightening using a scalpel, the minimally invasive "BOTOX" method is widespread. In the surgical method, the excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is stretched.


Although the skin is tightened, this is usually associated with a loss of sensitivity. With the BOTOX method, the botolinum toxin paralyzes the skin muscles, the wrinkles disappear, but unfortunately so do the facial expressions. Both procedures treat the symptoms but do not eliminate the cause.

The procedure we prefer is non-invasive,  combines the advantages of invasive procedures without sharing their disadvantages. Using a specially tuned radio frequency for the face and body, the connective tissue fibers in the deeper layers of the skin are briefly heated and contract as a reaction. The result is usually visible during the first treatment.


After a few repetitions at intervals of one week, more and more new collagen fibers are formed, which give the skin its natural elasticity again. Depending on the age and skin type, the result can last for a very long time.


Our radio frequency method achieves results previously only achieved through plastic surgery

After just a few treatments, your skin will look visibly smoother, fresher and revitalized.
This effect is supported by the stimulated regeneration of the  collagens.

Result: your skin looks youthfully firm and smooth again.


The sensational treatment results are based on a worldwide unique
Three-phase effect of the tested device: surface heating using
Soft laser, deep heating using pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy, and negative and positive pressure massage.


The following areas can be treated successfully:
• Forehead
• Cheeks
• Area around the eyes (excluding eyes and eyelids)
• Throat
• Cleavage


Important: One treatment alone is not enough to achieve the desired result.    


The prices are guide prices only and may vary depending on the size of the area to be treated.
For larger areas, an additional 50 CHF per single treatment will be charged per 10 min.
A price reduction is granted for combinations of several treatment areas.

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