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We are recognized by health insurance companies!

Find out from your supplementary insurance whether you are recognized. It is important to know in which form your cash register uses the registration. Bodyhouse massage practice is EMR and ASCA registered.


To the knowledge of the EMR, the following insurers are currently using the EMR registration in some form. Information provided without guarantee:

Agrisano Health Insurance Ltd

Aquilana Insurance

Atupri Health Insurance

Concordia Switzerland. health and accident insurance Inc

CSS Health Insurance Ltd

Galenos health and accident insurance

Groupe Mutuel

Innova Health Insurance Ltd

KPT health insurance company

Health insurance Steffisburg

sme health insurance


Sanagate AG

Sanitas health insurance

Sodali's health group

Sumiswalder health and accident insurance

SWICA Health Insurance Ltd

Vita surselva

FKB The Liechtenstein health insurance fund


The partner insurances of ASCA registration are:


Avenir Health Insurance Ltd

Easy Sana Health Insurance Ltd


Health insurance Wädenswil

Mutuel Health Insurance Ltd

PHILOS Health Insurance Ltd



VIVAO Sympany, Move Sympany





Every patient must first inquire with the health insurance company

whether the selected treatment method is covered by his/her supplementary insurance,

and whether the attending health practitioner is recognized by the health insurance company

(Each health insurer only reimburses treatments according to its service catalogue).

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