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Bodyhouse offers different therapies as well as different body and facial treatments using different methods to balance your vitality, body and mind. We focus on reducing current stress factors and complaints. In this way, a positive, symptom-free lifestyle should be developed.



  • Classic massage

  • sports massage

  • Foot reflexology massage

  • lymphatic drainage

  • Dorn Breuss massage

  • home and office visits


special therapies

  • The royal massage 24 carat gold

  • cupping massage

  • cupping

  • colon massage

  • Energetic Treatments

  • Face and head massage

  • ear candles

  • Herbal stamp massage

  • Hot stone massage

  • Honey Massage​

  • Back training + partial massage

  • activate defenses

Kryolipolyse, Kavitation, Anti Aging

cryolipolysis, cavitation, anti-aging

  • Cryolipolysis:  No surgery, no anesthesia and no side effects with cryolipolysis Switzerland you can reduce stubborn fat deposits at low cost.

  • Cavitation:  Body modeling, body fat reduction in the treated area, improved lymph flow.

  • Anti Aging:  Reduction of wrinkles, refinement of the skin and improved lymph flow.

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