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Combined treatment methods can be put together individually

Cupping massage/ dry cupping

cupping massage

During the cupping massage, the metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated right down to the inner organs.

This leads to muscle relaxation and even spasms. Headaches, painful tension in the back, muscle tension and hardening as well as circulatory disorders can be treated and alleviated noticeably.

The muscles are warmed up, which leads to relaxation.

Since a pleasant relaxation of the body occurs during the cupping massage, a treatment for stress symptoms is indicated.

In the case of cellulite (orange peel skin), existing or developing fat cells are thoroughly “worked on” and fat burning is thus stimulated.

A cupping massage is also used to successfully tighten the connective tissue.

Scar tissue and stretch marks can also be treated.

Good results have even been achieved in acne treatments.

Dry cupping

Cupping is a draining healing technique that removes toxins from the body.

Cupping bells are placed on certain skin areas and negative pressure is generated in these hollow vessels. This creates a powerful suction effect, which in turn stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph and subsequently has a stimulating effect on the organs and immune system.

colon massage

The colon massage is a specific abdominal massage (colon = large intestine).

Due to its regulatory and ordering function, it can also be divided into the category of reflex zone treatment. 

The most important effect of colon treatment is the regulation of pressure and tension, as well as the peristalsis of the hollow organs in the abdominal cavity.

The most important indications can be derived from clinical experience:


  • constipation

  • flatulence (meteorism)

  • Roemheld's Syndrome: Excessive flatulence can cause the bowels to be pushed up against the diaphragm, which can affect both breathing and heart activity.

  • Migraine (metabolic and digestive disorders are often associated with migraine)

  • Postoperative support of the healing process

  • Postoperative complaints (e.g. adhesions and their consequences)

  • circulatory disorders

Energetic Treatments

Energetic treatment is a millennia-old form of attention to activate people's self-healing powers.

It is based on the assumption of an all-pervading life energy.  


The aim of the energetic treatment is to harmonize the pathogenic imbalance of the energy flows in the body, to release blockages and to activate the self-healing powers.


The more openly and actively people participate in their processes, the better self-healing can occur.

The energetic treatment can be applied to any kind of illness, e.g


  • Pain, burn out, symptoms of exhaustion, stuttering, muscle tension

  • Panic and anxiety states, back problems

  • supports and promotes the self-healing powers

  • Cleans and detoxifies the body of toxins (waste materials)

  • Leads to absolute deep relaxation

  • helps with depression

  • Releases blockages on all levels and brings calm and peace

  • Increases and enhances well-being through the supply of energy

  • Creates a wonderful harmony between the three units - body, soul, spirit.

Face & head massage

Touching the face and head is very calming and relaxing.

This effect is particularly enjoyed by people who mainly solve their everyday problems "with their heads".

It is often said that something is written all over our faces.

Many people are plagued by scalp tension and headaches.


A head and face massage is a soothing form of massage that relieves tension on the scalp.

With very sensitive touches, the head is relieved of tension right down to the neck. It causes deep relaxation of the different skin and muscle layers.


The head massage strengthens the ability to concentrate and has a very pleasant effect on your mental balance.

You will feel how the tension is gradually leaving you and you are immersing yourself more and more in inner peace and serenity and how you "clear your head again".

A head and face massage has an extremely soothing effect on the nervous system. It is therefore particularly recommended for people who are often nervous or who are constantly under stress.

Hot stone massage

Feel the power of the warm stones!

Do you want the deepest relaxation? How about warm stones gently gliding over your skin on aromatic oils? The combination of gentle massages and deep-acting heat is a real miracle cure for tension. The Hot Stones Massage harmonises your energy centers and you feel completely at ease.

honey massage

The honey massage  is an old and very effective Russian-Tibetan natural healing method that detoxifies the body. With the pumping grip technique of the hands, old toxins and toxins are drained even from deep regions of the body over the back during the honey massage. This explains the supporting effect in fasting cures, in the treatment of stress and acute and chronic diseases.


Stressful food and environmental toxins, such as amalgam exposure, but also delayed colds are encouraged to be eliminated.


The healing effect and power of honey with its more than sixty enzymes, vitamins and antibacterial substances stimulates the body to detoxify and fight pathogens and bacteria.
The elimination of waste products strengthens the body's immune system and regeneration can begin. One should not forget that a honey massage in the thigh and buttocks area is a very effective treatment method for cellulite.


  • stress

  • Exhaustion, lack of vitality

  • Tension – shoulder/back

  • circulatory disorders

  • Rheumatic diseases

  • arthrosis

  • Headaches, migraines, weather sensitivity

  • sleep problems

  • depression

  • All kinds of nervous disorders

  • menstrual problems

  • cellulite

  • sexual disorders / erectile dysfunction

  • circulatory problems

  • lack of appetite

  • stomach and intestinal problems

  • bladder problems

  • blood pressure disorders

activate defenses

Time to activate the immune system 

Support your immune system with cupping.


The topic today is the corona virus  keeps the whole of Switzerland busy! In the last few days I have received many requests "how can I strengthen my immune system". I have a recommendation for you:


Cupping stimulates the lymph flow and metabolism and boosts the immune system. In addition, the cell metabolism on the skin's surface is stimulated. "Undesirable" can be disposed of by the lymphatic system.

Our recommendation:

12 tips for a natural immune system boost.

  1. Stress reduction (regular massages, effect on psyche, spirit and body)

  2. Regular exercise in the fresh air.

  3. Soak up sunlight and vitamin D.

  4. Enough sleep for renewed energy (at least 7 hours of sleep).

  5. Balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit.

  6. Vitamins and vital substances (vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, zinc selenium, copper, iron).

  7. Sufficient fluid intake (two liters of fluid per day are recommended).

  8. Wash hands thoroughly several times a day, keep fingers away from face.

  9. Alternating showers (hot-cold showers get your circulation going, repeat this three times).

  10. Drink less alcohol and cut down on smoking.

  11. Air frequently (ten minutes three to four times a day.

  12. Go barefoot (to stimulate the reflex zones on the soles of your feet)

Spezial Therapien

special therapies


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